The Epistle to the User

In the first edition of this work, it was our intent to provide a safe IRC network with enough power to channel operators to administer their own channels with ease. This guide is designed to provide a quick help to users who are new to nickserv, chanserv and hostserv. Memoserv, botserv, and helpserv are available as well but are not covered in this guide. Help with any and all of these services are available typing "/msg helpserv help" while connected to You can also ask questions in #channels. Please note, we expect all users to make use of the resources provided here and on our network prior to asking questions.

How to Connect

Using any IRC client connect to

Quick-start Commands

Register your nickname:
/msg nickserv register password email@address
Follow the instructions provided by NickServ. You'll need to check your e-mail for a verification code. Don't forget your password! We cannot recover it if you forget it.

Login (identify) your nick whenever you connect to IRC:
/msg nickserv identify password
Many IRC programs have a place to put your nickserv password so you can automatically login.